JamesLaws.com New & Improving

First let me apologize for for anyone who might have had some weird happenings with my feed or updates yesterday. I am currently reworking my website and in the process might have forgotten to stop broadcasting until I was done. You shouldn’t have any other weird or old posts coming through.

I have maintained this website for 3+ years and over that time I have changed my mind on the purpose of this site. It has been co-authored. It has been strictly about my church planting experience. It has been strictly my musings. I have had few categories and dozens of categories. I’ve gone through periods where I have posted heavily such as in 2007 and times when I barely ever posted such as 2009. I’ve tried multiple blog to compartmentalize but each time I keep coming back to this site. After all, it has my name.

The reason for this most recent change is to put more of every area of my life in one location. This site is a journal of sorts and so it stands to reason that this should be my first stop when I have something to say. So now let me share a couple of the changes.

Streamlined Categories

I now only have three major categories that encompass everything I do. They are:

  • Faith & Church – Although probably self explanatory, this is where I will post all things that deal with my faith, the faith of others and things I see going on in the church at large. I will offer thoughts and insights as a pastor here as well. Basically if touches spirituality or anything pertaining to the church, it will be posted here.
  • Web & Technology – I have posted much on these topics because I really did have a forum to do so. Now if I want to talk about some new social media trend, gadget or web design issue I will do it here.
  • Life & Experience – On rare occasions I may want to talk about me or life as I see it in a way that does not pertain to faith or technology. This category will fill that need nicely.

With each of these new categories I have also added a special rss feed for each. These are located at the top of each specific categories archive. I’ll find a better way soon enough. This way you don’t have to follow all of my posts if what is interesting to you is really only in one category. Be warned that a lot of my life crosses over into each category so there will be occasions where a post will be filed in more than one. For instance I am always exploring how technology and faith can work together.

A New Section

I just recently bought a fairly nice DSLR camera and want to explore quality photography. One of the suggested exercises that sounded a little fun to me was to take a photo every single day for a year. So I created a section called Photos 365 and will post my daily photos there. I will start this on February 1st. For the time being my header image will be fed randomly by those pictures.

So those are just a couple of the changes and you can expect many more to come in the coming months. Feel free to share your thoughts.