It’s not as easy as you think

We live in a day and age where almost nothing is out of reach as it pertains to knowledge. If you want to learn how to do something it’s generally only a search away.

But there is a big difference between having information and the act of applying it successfully.

If you’ve ever made statements like “I have a super simple question” or “I know this should be easy” please consider what I just said.

  • Changing your cars breaks is easy for a mechanic
  • Re-wiring a light switch is easy for an electrician
  • Fixing a broken pipe is easy for a plumber
  • Framing a door is easy for a carpenter
  • Setting a broken bone is easy for a doctor

You pay these professionals not because the task they are performing is difficult for them but because they already know what they are doing. They don’t just have the knowledge. The have the skill that only comes from practicing that knowledge over and over. They are professionals.

You can learn to hang sheet rock from watching a YouTube video but I bet the first time you do it won’t be easy and it won’t look great. It will also take you many times longer than someone who already has that established skill.

You wouldn’t ask a professional to do any of the above for free because it’s easy for them. In fact, the better they are the easier it is for them and the more expensive they may be.

This is also true of skills like CSS, PHP, JavaScript, General WordPress development, and adding new features or even using your favorite WordPress plugin. These tasks require an investment.

  • An investment of time if you want to acquire these skills for yourself.
  • An investment of money if you want to hire someone to do it for you.
  • An investment of time and money if you want someone to teach you.

Easy is at the intersection of knowledge and plenty of practice. Easy doesn’t come easily or free. Easy requires an investment.

And now a little video for your enjoyment.