It was better than Spiderman 3

Sadly this is a phrase I have heard a lot lately. In fact I heard that phrase 4 times just as I was exiting the theater from seeing Transformers last night. It seems that a very low standard was set and any movie that can at least deliver an “it was better than Spiderman 3” emotion has done its job. In my opinion Transformers was definitely better than Spiderman 3 but it wasn’t great. It was good but it didn’t deliver the, “WOW” experience I look for in a movie.

It got me thinking about LifePoint and every other church for that matter. Now before I say what I am about to say please understand that I know and love the Holy Spirit’s part in spiritual transformation. My question is about our part. The pastors, the bands, the volunteers and everyone else that is involved at a Sunday morning experience. Here is the question.

Are we doing everything we can to create a “WOW” experience so that people can come to Christ on our Sunday mornings or do we sometimes settle for “it was better than such and such church”? Do we plan our Sundays on the fact that many churches have set a low standard?

The church, unlike movies that are competing against other movies, we are not competing against other churches but against everything else. We are competing against their favorite shows, hang outs or simply their desire to sleep in. It is our responsibility to work with the Holy Spirit and not against Him. When we settle for “it was better than such and such church” we miss the point and in most cases the opportunity.

So as a pastor, band, volunteer or anybody else, what can you do this Sunday and every Sunday to follow to make a “WOW” impression on someone for the sake of Christ?