Are you intentional about onboarding?

As I’m building momentum into this new year I’m thinking a lot about onboarding. Onboarding is basically the process of getting a new individual the needed information and skills to perform a task effectively. While the concept is most commonly used when speaking of new employees the idea applies to every area of our businesses.

How do we get users up to speed from the moment they first install our products? How do we transition our users to become customers? How to do we ensure they remain repeat customers? How do we encourage developers to contribute to our core plugin or build third-party extensions? How do we turn affiliate requests into strategic partners?

In many ways we’ve been on auto pilot with all of the above. There all happening, but without any guidance or direction from us.

Is your business just starting, stalled, or growing? Consider how much better it could be doing if you were intentional about the process of empowering your users, customers, and partners.

The next few posts will be a focused look at different areas of my business specifically. I’ll share what we’re currently doing, what’s working, what’s not, and some ideas on how it might be better. Throughout the year I will try to revisit these topics with a kind of progress report.

I hope these posts will be helpful for those of you running your own businesses and look forward to any insights you have to share in the comments. Look for tomorrow’s post on better product onboarding.

Before you go, what area’s are you having a hard time with onboarding new people?