Information Overload and the Vision Forklift

Tony Morgan has a great post called Vision Speaks. In it he shares a quote from a fellow leader, Shane.

“People will follow vision. They won’t follow information.”

Tony then shares that by simply giving more information people generally get confused, distracted and overwhelmed where as vision energizes and unifies.

I wanted to add my slant as a church planter who receives a lot of information. There is a lot of stuff that goes into a church plant. There is a lot more stuff that goes into a church plant like the one we are doing. We are attempting to launch large. This means that the music is already in place, the children’s ministry is already in place, the nursery is already in place, the first impressions team is already in place. This takes a lot of volunteers, money and nerves. It also means allowing people to step in and out of various roles to help them grow as well as serve. This also means that sometimes you lose people in crucial roles. It can be very scary when that happens. Talk about information overload.

My point is this, as a church leader you deal with a lot of information and if that is all you have you will become confused, distracted and overwhelmed. Vision is the crucial element that places information in proper perspective. Vision will energize you when information tries to slow you down. Vision unifies your team when information would try to tear you apart. I thank God that He has given me clear vision for LifePoint. If He hadn’t all this information would be killing me.