I’m not the same man I was

I realize I have been gone for a while from the the blogging world. I have been dealing with my internet addiction, more on that later, and my change in priorities. I have always believed that blogging was a powerful tool but I have not been sure for what for a very long time. I have wanted to write many things over the course of the past few months but have not found the energy to put fingers to keyboard. I hope this is the beginning of new era of blogging for me. What’s changed? I have.

God has been asking me a question over the past few months that have some very strong implications. His question is this. “James, will you make a difference?” This is very different from when I ask myself the same question. When I ask it I am really asking myself if anything I am doing will matter in the end. But what God has been asking is, will you do something that mattters? 

This is so hard because I believe planting a church and patoring in my community is something that matters and it does. What I am coming to realize is that God is asking me to do something more. Not instead of, just more. God is asking me to lead a cause, a movement.

In some ways I’m terrified. In others I am extremely excited. I am going to start slow and over the next few posts share what led me to at least some of my conclusions.