Ideas for the Exchange’s new location

In my last post I shared some of the things that I feel we’ve taken away from our previous meeting spaces. In this post I want to share some ideas that will protect the things we loved and minimize the things we didn’t like so much about those locations. This is still in the conceptual phase and we may not do things exactly like this…but we may.

Children (Half and Half) – This is not a reference to Solomon cutting the baby is half. It simply means that I think we will keep the children with us for half the service and let them have a more age appropriate time the other half.

I believe that children can learn a lot from watching and worshiping with their parents and other adults. I’m thinking we will keep the children with us during the first half of the service and then let them have a more age appropriate teaching time. This means the parents will be able to partake in the message with no distraction or worries while the children can do the same.

Teaching – For the 20 to 30 minutes the children are doing their own thing we will have a more structures time of teaching for the adults. Exactly how this time will be used is still veiled in  a little mystery, even to me. I know that I will be doing more teaching in my usual style but will try to be opening up to messages from others a little more and even creating times of discussion.

Small Groups – We have all come to love the discussion time that we have been having in our home setting and I want to nurture that as much as possible. While we will be trying to make time for that in our regular teaching time we will also be focusing more heavily in small groups. Small groups is where this format works best and and I know Ed has a lot of vision for them in the near future.

Space – We are a community of artists in one way or the other. Writers, teachers, musicians, and general creativity. I want our space to reflect that. Not just in decor but in our gatherings as well.

As far as decor is concerned we want to hang local art, move to couches instead of chairs, as well as many other creative ideas. Our children’s area will be small but it will be amazing. Our hope is that the whole space will show this excellence in art.

Our gatherings should be no different. Lot’s of local art and talent. We would like to do a completely unplugged open mic night as well as other gatherings that will bring the community together to “exchange” their talents with each other.

There is a lot more to be looked at but I think that should get us off to a good start. What are your thoughts? Do you have any ideas?