I need to learn to say no

It’s even worse than that. I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. I like helping people, it’s a curse and it finds it’s way into every area of my life. Some might conclude that is one of the reasons for starting LifePoint and they would be right. The problem is that I over extend myself because of my inability to say no. Or as I implied earlier, I volunteer to do even more than was asked in the first place because I know it will make it better.

As I feel the pressure of these looming projects I start to ask myself why I keep falling into the same predicament? Here is a small list of some of the errors that cause this to happen.

  • I fail to see the effects of the various projects on my overall life mission.
  • I for some reason feel it is selfish to refuse do something that is in my ability to do.
  • I overestimate how much time I have available.
  • I underestimate how much time it will take me.

I am currently working on 4 extra-missional projects right now. All of them with the pressure of completion currently on my shoulders. The sad thing is not only does not saying no hurt my life mission, it hurts the other things I do say yes to. Quality and timeliness of everything suffers the more I say yes.

I have a simple prayer. God, help me get done that which I have already said yes to and help me say no a whole lot more often.

So here is a question for everyone who would like to participate. How do you choose what you say “yes” to?