I have never been “the” one.

Recently I took one of those online tests for fun to see whether I was classified as a nerd, geek or dork. I believe everyone was betting on dork. The results that actually came back were very appropriate. They stated that I was “Joe Normal”.

This is pretty consistent with my whole life. I have never been “the” one at anything. Here is a list of all of the ones that I was not.

  • The Popular One
  • The Good-Looking One
  • The Smart One
  • The Athletic One
  • The Funny One
  • The Rich One
  • The Strong One
  • The Fast One
  • The Talented One
  • The Stylish One
  • The Creative One
  • The Handy One

When I look at the above list I can’t help but wonder why God asked me to start LifePoint. There must be more qualified people. The more I consider it the more encouraged I get. God never asked me to be “the” one. In fact it is the person who knows that they are the one that usually hinders what God wants to do.

Think about this. Have you ever heard or read about someone who has met their hero. This is especially true in church leadership. When people meet the Craig Groeschels, the Andy Stanlys, the Ed Young Jrs, most of them say the same thing. “They were just regular guys”. Of course they were, those are “the” ones God uses. I’ll put it this way.

Average people serving an above average God will accomplish extraordinary things in below average circumstances.