I have a problem with your political party.

It’s true. Your particular party sucks. This is true regardless of which party you align yourself with. I just read a sarcastic post about why someone should vote Democrat. Guess what, Republicans are wrong on just as many issues. Sure, they may not be your issues but they hurt the heart of God just as much. And I don’t want to hear any cheering form the Democrats now either. Your party sucks too. Both parties make a mockery of God’s values. And so do you when you make a charactiture of the oposing party based on a micro sampling of much bigger issues.

You may be right about the issues you are upset about but don’t act like that is all that defines those who identify with that particular party. The right to life, choose, bear arms, hate war, defend freedoms, care for God’s creation, hold leaders accountable, exact justice, abolish povety, end homlesness, cure disease, defend the weak and many other issues are all important to God. To say otherwise is pure ignorance of the worst kind.

I beg all of us who find our identity in the cross to stop being Republicans, stop being Democrats. Be followers of Christ and love and respect those who are trying to do so. And do this regardless of how you vote. Because whoever you vote for this November will be representing a party that has got some things right and some things wrong. Neither of which are we to place our faith.