I can guarantee your failure

In a recent article, Syed Balkhi addressed the over glamorized idea of American startup culture by sharing some of the not so glamorous things you might encounter. In that same article he states,

For every success story, there are nine failures.

That’s not necessarily a scientific statistic, but if you’ve been in the startup world for any amount of time it feels about right. And that’s scary, isn’t it? 90% of all startups fail. In fact, that number is likely higher.

But here’s an even more important statistic.

100% - The percentage of ideas that will fail because they were never pursued.Click To Tweet

If the fear of failure has paralyzed you, then this should shake you into action.

The product you never launched.

The service you never offered.

The book you never wrote.

The album you never recorded.

The blog you never started.

All of them, failures.

The greater risk is not in failing to accomplish the thing you started, but failing to even start in the first place.Click To Tweet