Humble Rocks and Landing Soft

In my teenage years I was a skater. I experimented with ramp a bit, but I was primarily street. While occasionally one would skate solo, it was most likely that it was with a group. Almost everything is more fun with friends and besides, you want someone else to witness that awesome trick you might land.

Keep in mind that skating is a fragile sport. By that I mean that all it takes is a single pebble to bring an impressive athlete to a complete stop. It’s a spectacle where the skater goes flying forward while their board remains completely motionless as if stopped by some invisible force. This is what some call “Pebble Power,” but I prefer “Humble Rocks.”

As entrepreneurs, when we find success, we are always looking forward and up. We don’t ever want to consider the unthinkable. That moment when our businesses begin to falter and the curve becomes a hill with a peak. I am someone who loves to keep his eyes looking at just how high I think I can take a business, but I’ve also been around too long to not realize that business is a fragile  sport.

Have you prepared for the “Humble Rocks” that will be on your path in business. A word of counsel, be a cheerleader and not a critic. Be excited for the successes of others and be a comfort to those who are struggling. No one will remember all your impressive tricks when you fall flat on your face. They will remember the person who was kind and an inspiration. The person who cheered them on to greatness. That’s how you prepare for a soft landing. And that’s how you can be just a good person.