How Twenty Fourteen is Going to be My Year!

In my last post I talked about all the fantastic things that took place in the past year. It was an amazing year and I’m grateful for almost every part of it. I could have done without the episode with my heart but even that couldn’t take away from all the great things that have been happening. I ended the post about the coming year the same way I started last year.

Twenty Fourteen is Going to be My Year!

I expect my business to grow, my baby will arrive, my partner and one of my best friends will move back to the states, I will lose a bunch of weight and get healthy again, and start sharing what I’ve learned with others. Some of these are resolutions of sorts while others are just happy things that are inevitable in the coming year. For resolutions however, you can’t just sit back and wait for those things to happen. One must take action to fulfill the goals that they set.

Let me share a few of my resolutions and the things I plan on doing to make them a reality and not just a dream. Then perhaps I’ll touch on some if the inevitable’s and why they’re also important.

Goal for 2014

Grow Business

This past year Ninja Forms went from $3,000 average monthly sales in the first quarter to $18,000 in the fourth quarter. I would like to say that the business growing is more inevitable than a goal. After all the growth its seen happened while I was working another full-time job. This year I will be focusing 100% of my working hours on it. But the truth is growth is never inevitable. It takes hard work, wise decisions, and plenty of luck.

In order to do what I can to keep Ninja Forms going in the direction I want I will start writing more documentation and posting more videos. Writing more articles and improving our support system. I’ll also be making some changes to our website and doing a little more promotion of the product. Not to mention our 3.0 release of Ninja Forms due out mid February and some major extension updates.

All in all Ninja Forms and it’s extensions are getting even better than they already are and our site and documentation will be extremely extensive moving forward. I’m really excited about the new year and what we have in store for Ninja Forms.

Get Healthy

Early this year I had hernia surgery and was never able to get back into my running routine that had helped me lose so much weight. Starting on January 2nd I will run for a minimum of 1 hour every single day but Sunday. I will be watching the calories I consume very closely and once again cut out all soft drinks and drink only water. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by the beginning of June. It will be tough but I’m going to give it all I’ve got.

Another way I’m going to try and assist this process is by purchasing a standing desk and attempt to stand for at least 40% of every work day. I may attempt to increase that over time but that’s my initial goal.

Give Back

I do this already but I want to do it more. I live my life by a code of generosity and love to give. In fact one of the reason we use the business model we do is to give back to the WordPress community. By giving an excellent plugin like Ninja Forms for free we’re providing a top notch product to users whether they need our paid extensions or not. It feels good to provide something we’ve worked so hard on for free.

This year I would love to teach a WordCamp session or two and provide some more resources to help business in the WordPress ecosystem. I have a few actionable ideas on how to give back even more and I look forward to sharing them as the year advances.

The happy inevitable’s

  • My baby’s dues date is June 10th. I will have 6 months to get myself into a solid work routine only to have it instantly destroyed. While I’m extremely nervous about how this will affect my newly created work schedule I’m more than thrilled to face the challenge.
  • My business partner will return to the states in August. When he returns we will begin working out of the same office. Over the past two years we have accomplished a lot with an ocean between us but there is definitely a different energy when we’re together. I can’t wait to see what we dream up when we’re able to have these conversations more freely.

2014 is going to be exciting, hectic, fun, and stressful. I’ve been working toward this coming year for more years than I can recall but it’s finally here. I can promise you at least one thing. I will not squander the opportunities that are before me. Big things are going to happen. See you next year. 🙂