How to tell God’s Story – Part IV

I started this little series right before my little blogging break so I thought I would finish it up over the next few posts so here we go. You can watch the video I am referencing here. It’s video # 3.

  • Be encouraged in the beginning. You are teaching God’s Word for good reasons. You may not always hit it out of the park in the beginning but you will find your stride.
  • Never give up! Everyone goes through the phase of crappy concepts.
  • Regardless of how bad you think a message went, your listeners can still be touched by God through you. Never forget that element.
  • One way to battle crappy concepts is do a lot of work. Get every idea you can on the table. If for every 20 ideas you get only one amazing series then brainstorm 240 ideas and you have one great year. The more you put out there, the more you have to work with.
  • When you communicate, do it in a way that people actually can understand. Talk the way people talk and not the way you think preachers should sound.
  • Make sure you get to the point and get there quickly. You can weave such a detailed story that by the end no one knows what you are talking about.