How to tell God’s Story – Part III

Welcome to part three. Watch the second video on my earlier post otherwise here are my thoughts. You can also read my thoughts on the first video here.

Thoughts on Video #2

  • Not all ideas are good ideas. You should set aside just as much time forming the big idea for each message or series as you do in the production of that idea.
  • Sometimes the energy of an idea doesn’t come out in production and that is why half to a third of everything you try should end up on the cutting room floor.
  • By killing a bad idea you make room for the great ideas to live.
  • More emphasis needs to be placed on abandoning crap.
  • Our messages naturally are trying to be bland, pointless, and unstructured. It is up to us to keep it focused from beginning to end.
  • We have to be willing to cut out the boring parts and go right to the parts that engage people. “You have to be ruthless if anything is going to be good.”
  • “Failure is an important part of success.”
  • If you are not failing all the time you are not creating opportunities for success.
  • You have to know this going into it that you are going to record and get rid of a lot of crap before you get to anything that’s really special.
  • We don’t want to create something that’s mediocre but something that’s memorable.