How to Tell God’s Story – Part II

Yesterday I posted a series of videos of Ira Glass sharing on storytelling through the medium of media. In doing so I left you to draw your own conclusions as to how they related to preaching but I thought I would share a series of posts about the things that stood out to me in these videos. I will probably do a different post for each video so here it goes. Watch the first video on my earlier post.

Thoughts on Video #1

  • No matter how boring the facts may be a good story compels people to listen.
  • The story should constantly cause the listener to ask questions.
  • The story must have a point, an application.
  • What kills many messages is a terrible story for a great point or a great story for a terrible point.
  • We have all heard it said that it’s not what you say but how you say it but the truth is both are equally important.