How to Be Productive All the Time – Part 6 (of 6): Collaborate

Sometimes even when you are fully rested, relaxed and prepared with all your lists you still can’t seem to get started. It is at these times that serious actions must be taken.

Tip #6: Collaborate

That’s right, call in reinforcements. Some of my longest droughts can be cured by a little help from your friends. Bouncing ideas off someone else has numerous benefits not even including the kick start of you next productive streak.

Collaboration assists in getting your thoughts untangled and discovering ideas that you may have missed. Interestingly, many times your partner never even needs to add anything new. Simply by having someone to listen to your ramblings can make a world of difference. It won’t be long until your rants become highly developed plans.

NOTE: Every Saturday I have a collaboration meeting with Kevin whether I need it or not. I always walk away feeling like I am ready for the next productivity slump. Bring it on!