How to Be Productive All the Time – Part 5 (of 6): Keep a NOT To Do List

Have you ever been sidetracked? Everything is going well and you are on the hunt for a piece of information or whatever. An hour later you realize that you are mile away from what you were looking for in the first place. Everyone gets distracted.

Tip #5: Keep a NOT To Do List

Write down all the things that you know you wind up doing when you should be doing something else. Keep this list with you at all times and refer to it often. By eliminating the productivity thieves you will find that you have a lot more time available than once calculated.

Having a NOT to do list also eliminates the amount of time it takes to restart a certain train of thought. When you allow distraction to control your time once you do finally get back to the project at hand it takes time to warm up the productive engines to start moving again. It is also a proven fact that a vehicle gets better mileage when it’s not in stop and go traffic. Your mind does too.

NOTE: On the top of my NOT to do list is “Rabbit Trails”. I have a tendency to head in one direction while studying and end up on a topic that is light-years away. I visited 4 websites just writing this post.

Suzanne commented a pretty good NOT to do list on our last post.