How to Be Productive All the Time – Part 3 (of 6): Get More Sleep

These tips actually work in cooperation with each other so be careful not to focus on one at the neglect of others. For instance I stayed up late “Taking a Break” with Halo 3. It gave some much needed relaxation and mindless activity but now I am a bit tired and foggy.

Tip #3: Get More Sleep

It seems like a simple concept but most of us don’t feel like we have enough time as it is so sleep is one of the first things to go. Don’t allow yourself to make that mistake. Your body and mind needs that time to recuperate. If you starve them of rest you can be sure that they won’t play nice.

Here is a little secret as well. You will accomplish more if your body and mind are fully rested than if you just keep working longer hours. The reason is quite simple. You spend more time fighting with yourself to get stuff done when you haven’t gotten enough rest. When you have had plenty of sleep however, you are able to focus and accomplish difficult tasks with much less effort.

NOTE: I have recently been forcing myself to go to bed at 10:30 every night (with last night as an exception) and have really noticed the difference, especially after last night. 😉