How I choose to communicate

Tomorrow is a little strange for me because I wont be doing the teaching. Instead Kevin will be taking the helm and I am really looking forward to it. I think he has a great message prepared and it promises to be challenging to all of us.

Today instead of spending a lot of time to tie up the message for Sunday I have been sharing with Kevin some things that I do to communicate the message the best way I know how. Here are just a few things I shared.

  • In most cases, when covering a large story in the Bible I opt to tell the story over reading the story. The reason is that many times our people have read the story as it is written and have a hard time connecting. By telling the story I can bring it into everyday situations that they can relate to.
  • I always try to find the one point that must be shared and then drill it into people’s hearts. I have been a big multiple point preacher before and I have found that most of the time people only remember one thing out of a message anyway. I might as well start there in the first place if thats where I am going to wind up in the end.
  • Deliver your message to one person. I know that sounds strange but here is what I mean. Act as if you are having a conversation with a great friend that you care deeply for. In the end each person will feel as if you were speaking only to them.
  • Be vulnerable. Nothing speaks to people more than your real life. They connect and see themselves in it. Once that happens it is a whole lot easier for them to come to similar conclusions.

These are just a few ways in which I choose to communicate. What are some of yours?