How do you choose between a need and a need?

There is a great challenge for any church that wants to make a difference in their community. Do you do as much as possible or do you do only a few (or one) thing? And which things should you do? Let me give you a little LifePoint context.

We are currently doing a series called Heroes where we are trying to discuss why, what and how of being a hero right where we live. This involves our neighborhood, city, country and the even the planet as a whole. Here is an over simplified idea of three areas that we are passionate about because God is as well.

  • God’s Obsession: All People
  • God’s Command: His Values
  • God’s Creation: The Environment

In this series we are trying to challenge ourselves individually to make a difference. In this process we are also discussing what our church ought to do as whole. This, of course, brings up many questions.

Can one small church lead a community to change in all of these areas? Is it better for these things to be church planned or individually encouraged? If we try and do everything, do we actually do anything? How do we pick just one area and not feel guilty about the areas that God obviously cares about that we have decided to not get involved in? As Craig Groeschel puts it, is it “AND” or “OR”?

These are some of the mind battles I have been currently sparring with and if I come to any conclusions I will be sure to share them here. Till then, what are your thoughts?