Hearing Problems

“He who has ears, let him hear.” ~ Matthew 13:9

It is no surprise to anyone who spends any time at all with me that I seem to have a hearing problem. My wife would probably say that it’s her most loathed quality about me. She isn’t being cruel about a physical disability because the hearing problem I have has more to do with my attention than my ability.

A perfect example of how this plays out is on the ride home from work each day. My wife and I will be in a conversation and it will come to a lull. At this point I start thinking about what I need to get done, listening to something on the radio, or just starring aimlessly out the window. That’s when it happens.

I’m not exactly sure at what point it happens and that’s the problem. She has already spoken a few sentences to me and I’m just tuning in. What did I miss? I have no context and so I have to ask her to repeat herself. This never goes over well. Especially since I seem to do it almost daily.

I wonder if I do that with God. Am I so preoccupied with my own stuff that I miss entire conversations with Him? Am I so distracted by the busyness of my own life that when I finally tune in I’ve already missed half of what He said? Perhaps the problem is not my ability to hear but what I allow to so wholly capture my attention.