He was hungry, I’m glad they mentioned that.

I didn’t get to share a small but actually very important part of my message this past Sunday. In our current series, Tempting Faith, we are looking at the temptations that every human being faces during their life journey. We are joining Jesus through his three temptations to simply make us aware of some things we will face.

In the passage, I glazed over a small portion of the text. In Mathew 4:2 it says, “And after fasting forty days and forty nights, he was hungry.” I mentioned that it was kind of a strange and obvious thing to write and promised that I would get back to it. I didn’t, but here is what I wanted to say.

Sometimes, in the midst of our temtpations and wilderness periods, we wonder if God is even aware of our suffering. Does he know what we are going through? It’s kind of like when my wife wants to tell me how hard of a day she has had or how bad she is feeling. She usually doesn’t expect me to be able to solve the problem. She just wants to know that I am aware of it.

I feel the same way with God at times. I know that God is not always going to swoop down and solve all of my problems. Many times for reasons that I don’t know and probably wouldn’t understand, but it’s sure nice to know that he is aware of the storm. He was hungry, I’m weak and God knows. And somehow that’s conforting to me.