Happy One Year Anniversary

One Year AnniversaryToday our blog turns 1 year old. If someone told me then that we would have written so much over the last 12 months I wouldn’t have believed it. Where would we find the time? I’m not sure where it came from but we definitely found the time.

Since this day last year we have written 430 posts, received 292 comments, made dozens of new friends and even a few ministry partners.

This week, in honor of our 1 year of consistent and continued blogging, I will be posting the best of Verge. This will be a smorgasbord my favorite posts and happenings of the year. I am sure Kevin will chime in as well with a few favorites of his own.

To get us started here are the top 12 strangest search terms used to find this blog, in no particular order.


  2. rook hawkins credentials – The reason this one is so funny, especially if you have been following some of our friendly debate, is that he has none.
  3. cheap way to hang” – I know how this term found us but we were talking about signs. I don’t know what these people were looking for.
  4. adult study on life of apostle Paul – What exactly is an “Adult” study and do we really want to involve the Apostle Paul.
  5. aim lower get a cup of coffee – They must have meant non-Starbucks coffee.
  6. driving subconsciously – Perhaps this is a missing gift of the Spirit.
  7. forced or punishment haircuts – Let is never be said that LifePoint doesn’t believe in church discipline.
  8. how to irritate pastor – I just hope this wasn’t a LifePointer searching for this term.
  9. scary looking people – Look no further, you found us.
  10. lifepoint cult – Shhh. You’ll blow our cover.
  11. what is happening when a person is coughing up blood – Any number of things all of which you should see a doctor about.
  12. white christians attack – This Spring on Fox.

There you have it. Tomorrow I will showcase what have come to be my favorite posts that I have written in the past year.