Happy New Year!

It’s official. 2007 is here and with it are a whole new year of opportunities. Obviously this is a big year for me. This is the year we officially launch LifePoint Community Church. God has had us on this journey in one form or another over the past year but now we are in the last 3 weeks of the of the initial stages of this adventure. It is now time to start the next phase.

One of the reasons for this blog was to chronicle the journey of the LifePoint Community Church launch. There are a lot of amazing people out there who offer great advice and counsel to those who are starting churches so we decided we could show you some of those principles in play from day one. We don’t have all the answers and will most likely make some mistakes but that is what we are offering. A chance to go through the launch process and learn with us. This blog is only part of what we are wanting to do. You can now listen to our podcast which has the same name as this blog.

This podcast is where we will discuss all that is happening at LifePoint and how we have faced different situations.  We will be starting off doing them very frequently at first to help catch everyone up on what they have missed up till now and then most likely move to weekly podcasts.  They are very raw but we promise they will get better. We hope you subscribe and we hope you learn something with us.