Handling delicate issues in a changing society

On my way to home from work today a friend posed a very interesting question. Although I didn’t get a chance to discuss where the question came from it did get me thinking. I would love to hear you thoughts on the topic so please leave comments. If you are ready, here we go.

We all know that society is constantly changing. Things that were at one time completely unacceptable are now the norm. Even in the church, things that were not tolerated among leaders are now overlooked. One of these issues is made more prevalent with the recent marriage amendment that many States have been voting on. So with these thoughts in mind I would like to share a scenario with you and see what some of you think about it. Church leaders are going to have to face this soon enough so why not start the dialog now.

Let’s put ourselves several years into the future. Perhaps most States, if not all, have voted against the marriage amendment thus making same-sex marriages a regular occurrence. Now we turn to the church. One of these couples have been attending for sometime in their search for God. They have been married for several years and have a couple of kids that they have been raising as well. They soon enter into a relationship with Christ. Here is where things get messy. What is the stance of the church? We know what the bible says about the issue of homosexuality but things have become a little more complicated. This particular couple has kids who are dependent upon them. So again I ask, what is the stance of the church?

I really don’t believe there are any easy answers to this topic but I would like see what others are thinking.

Updated 1/25/07: I realized this morning that many may not want to discuss this is a public forum so if you would like to discuss it in a more protected enviroment please let me know.