Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions: by James A. Beverley

Guide to ReligionsThis is a great guide of over 200 different religions. The author lays out each one in a fairly similar fashion describing what they are and what they believe. Included is a historical timeline of key events of each religion giving the reader a snapshot of how the religion was formed and various events that have impacted where they are today. A Q&A section in most of the religion is included to help the reader reason through the content if they should need it. The book is admittedly evangelical and so with each religion it offers a section to the Christian either dispelling some folklore or pointing out areas of concern.

I really enjoyed the book and like have it available as a quick point of reference. Obviously not the book you curl up by the fire with but when you need some information on a religion quickly this is a great resource. I was also impressed that although the book is written from a Christian perspective it didn’t take an immediately condemning role. It makes the differences very clearly known but does so very gracefully.