Guest Blog: Ex-ChildofGod

Today I would like to introduce you to a friend who I care for a great deal. They are currently struggling with their faith and are exploring the possibility that all that they have believed is a lie. I say exploring but this friend is further along than that. He has questions but do any of us have answers?

I have invited him to share his feelings and pose his questions here to you and the world to see where the conversation might lead. Please leave your negative criticisms at the door and lets have an open dialog filled with respect for all views. Here are the start of some of his thoughts.

Why I now reject the Savior whom I used to love?

This is the first in several blog entries. My Identity will be disguised so I can feel free to speak my mind. You see I used to be in the “ministry”. I have served on staff in several churches of varying denominations over the course of several years.  I have been involved in many different methods of evangelism in many parts of the country. I still work closely with church leaders and ministers from time to time who think that I am still “one of them”.  You have undoubtedly labeled me in your mind as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but please give me the chance to explain?

The best way I can describe it is a hunger? I wanted nothing more than to worship and lead others in worship. I was IN LOVE with Christ. Tears would come to my eyes when I thought of how he had removed my sins from me. Any doubts that came into my mind would be rejected. After all I should just have faith in God. Lean on and trust in Him. Not in my own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 was my favorite, but why? Because I have been taught that faith is a virtue, something to strive for. It is the essential ingredient in salvation. Without faith it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God! With faith all things are possible. If it defies my logic my logic is wrong. I completely agreed with all this until recently. It didn’t happen all of the sudden. I was wooed to the dark side over the course of my entire Christian “experience”. Remember those doubts that I kept rejecting? Some were about the very existence of God at all. Good thing I didn’t need proof. But if I did even nature cries out that there is a God! And the Bible testifies to it! Sure it is filled with outrageous claims such as the Earth being created in 7 days. But that wasn’t meant literally! Everything else was. It is the final authority! Absolute truth!


Any comments?