Google Adwords

I mentioned that I would write a post about this a few days ago but was reminded when I read the results of the Church Marketing Sucks poll about how their readers would go about finding a new church. The #1 result at 35% of the 275 people who participated was to check out the websites of local churches. This makes a lot of sense to me just from the visitors we have had at our church. Let me give you my sob story.

We have a great facility but a terrible location. We meet at the Premiere Theatre here in Cleveland, TN. It is located at exit 20 off of I75. The problem is that there is really nothing else out there. Also we currently can only have signs out when we are there. That means that unless people already know we are there and thus have reason to be there on Sunday morning we will rarely be stumbled upon. Add to that a lack of funds for marketing and it is a wonder that anyone ever finds us by any means other than word of mouth and yet they do. How you might ask? Our website is the #2 way people locate our church currently, second to…word of mouth.

There is another issue of course. Much like your new church being almost invisible, so would your new church domain name. It can take a while and some pretty good SEO work to get that domain showing up in the search engines. We had that problem for awhile and then realized an interesting fact. There were no churches in our area utilizing Google Adwords. Since the cost of the service is dependent on how high you want to show up in comparison to other bidders we were able to purchase some keywords for as little as .02 per click. We barely ever pay over $20.00 a month and yet drive tons of new traffic to our website. It is a very cost effective way to help people who are looking for a church just like ours.

I’m not sure where your church is located but here are some searches that took place in the past month.

Search Term

Searches per Month

Using Adwords

Churches Greenville, SC


YES – 3

Churches Syracuse, NY



Churches San Antonio, TX


YES – 3

Churches Chattanooga, TN



Churches Bakersfield, CA



Churches Chicago, IL


YES – 3


I realize that it may not work great for every area but I think we can all see the benefit of even 126 new visits each month. After all there are plenty to go around. I hope that helps and if you would like to know the numbers for your area just leave a comment.