Get it in writing

A key element to starting a church is getting a clear picture of where you are going and making a plan of how you are going to get there. You may be very passionate. You may have a huge vision. You may even have am amazing strategy but if you can not communicate those things it means nothing.

When I began this journey to start LifePoint Community Church I had all those things; passion, vision and strategy. What I didn’t have was all of it straightened out in my head so that I could communicate it clearly. I heard someone say once that thoughts untangle themselves through the lips and the fingertips. That’s when I made the decision to put it in writing. If I could get it out of my head and onto paper then I could also verbalize it. If I could communicate all that God was giving me then I could plant it into the hearts of others and build a team that got it from the beginning.

What I came up with was a church launch proposal that gives the foundations of what, where, why and when. Whether it helped anyone else is unclear but what it did for me is invaluable. My encouragement to you is take the time to put it in writing. You’ll be glad you did. If you need a head start here is a copy of my church launch proposal. The structure was borrowed from someone else but it should give you something to start with. Happy writing.