Freelance Tip: The truth about not trying

Most people know I’m a web developer and I sell products and do freelance work over at WP Ninjas. Over the years I had stopped taking on clients in favor of selling WordPress plugins. It’s been a nice change but a couple months ago I decided that I would start taking on clients again. Since that decision I have been slammed with requests an numerous projects.

Now the interesting thing is I didn’t change anything about the way I do business. I didn’t update my website announcing the change. I didn’t do anything to actively seek out additional freelance work. It just start coming in out of no where and now my weeknights and weekends are jam packed of all kinds of work. It’s a very nice problem.

Because of this I have been thinking a lot about my freelance business and how to make it grow and sustainable. So here is my first freelance tip as I work through this journey…

It’s possible to get all kinds of business without ever trying but it’s inevitable that you will lose it if you continue to do the same.