Follow “The Leader” or fail to be one. – Part 2 (of 2)

In my previous post I shared how many times pastors and leaders follow the coolest churches and pastors on the interwebs while at times not giving enough attention to Christ our true leader. In this post I want share some things that distract me from that very thing and a few ideas on how I plan to deal with it.

  • The Internet – This is one of the most effective time and focus stealers for me. I make my living working on it and then I come home I spend a great deal of time on it some more. Let me break it down for you item by item.
    • Blogs – I subscribe to 86 blogs. Now granted, 22 are work related and 8 are just for fun, but that leaves a whopping 56 blogs related to pastors, churches or ministry related topics. My strategy – Cut the clutter. Most blogs of mega-church pastors are on hold. I am not saying that they are not great blogs but they are not useful to me in this particular season. There are a few that I will read that have consistently provided me with spiritual and professional encouragement. As of the writing of this post I have already cut 23 blogs from my daily reading and more cuts are coming.
    • Email – I am addicted to checking my email. The strangest thing about it is I rarely ever get anything so interesting that would warrant my interest. Definitely nothing that couldn’t wait. My Strategy – I am going to pick three specific times when I will check my email. Once in the morning when I get to work, once in the afternoon at lunch and once during the evening. That’s still probably two times too many but I have to start somewhere.
  • Random Projects – This is another huge category that gets me off track. I am an obsessive compulsive project driven individual with A.D.D. That means I always have to be in the middle of a project and when I am bored with that project I have to be in the middle of another project. No project = Kryptonite. I am aimless and many times unmotivated when I don’t have a specific project at hand. This is usually what drives me to the internet to read blogs and check my email incessantly. My Strategy – This one isn’t easy. I have to make a list of what is most important to my leadership and turn them into various projects that I can jump in between. Even dealing with the issue of this post has become a project. In another post I will write of the struggles of being a project driven individual.

What does all this do? It removes somethings that I have allowed to distract me from my purpose and gives me a chance to spend more time doing the things that are most important. What are these things? Time in my bible,  prayer and meditation. I would say that this should be 75% of my allocated “church work” time.