Follow “The Leader” or fail to be one. – Part 1 (of 2)

In preparation for this Sunday’s message and our main passage God is really getting my attention. If you would like you can read it here…John 21:14-22.

After meditating on this passage for Sunday God began to gently correct my leadership. Not so much how I lead but what I allow to distract me. In many casses this is referring to other leaders that I keep an eye on.

There are some amazing churches and leaders out there doing amazing things for God. I watch most of the very intently trying to learn as much as possible. Sometimes this builds me up and sometimes this leaves me feeling very defeated.

So what has God been telling me? “You follow me!” How could anyone argue with that? Isn’t this the call of every follower of Christ? Yes it is and yet many times we don’t. Many pastors, including myself, look back at John as Peter did and ask, “What about him?” And God just tells us that he and John have their own arrangement but we need to follow him and not worry about what John is, or is going to do.

I just read a post from Perry Noble at Newspring,  the last one I will read for awhile, where he was sharing 15 signs that your church lacks vision.   Number 8 was, “You spend more time on other churches websites than you do reading your Bible.” I wonder if blogs count as well.

The point is this, following Jesus is not about doing what Jesus told someone else to do but doing what Jesus tells you to do. I am convinced this comes from prayer and reading God’s word and not the most innovative pastor’s blog.

In part 2 I will share what I am doing in light of this.