Fashion Jewelry Christianity

As some of you know I am currently looking for another job. Until I find said job I will remain in my current one as the webmaster for a fashion jewelry website. Overall, it’s not a terrible job. I enjoy what I do for the most part and I have a lot of down time in between major projects. In between and sometime as one of those major projects I am responsible for photographing and editing most of our merchandise.

ONe of the rings I ahve done One of may favorite pieces to edit are our rings. I won’t get into how extremely difficult it is to photograph jewelry since that isn’t the point of this post…but trust me, it isn’t easy. The real point is the type of jewelry I deal with. For the sake of this post I am going to share with you the two main types of jewelry. Basically you have “fine” jewelry which is expensive and “fashion” jewelry which is not. The whole point of “fashion” jewelry is to look like the real thing. To the untrained eye these pieces of jewelry appear authentic and valuable but with after close inspection it would be clear that these pieces are phony. Why buy them? Because the real thing costs to much. Besides, why buy the real thing when you can fool everyone with your imitation and spend that money on something else. That is until your finger turns green.

Many people approach their relationship with Jesus the same way. They feel that an authentic, thriving relationship with Jesus costs to much. Sure they could invest what it takes to really be close to God but then again it seems so much easier to just put on the surface relationship. A couple of church services here, a couple of fellowship gatherings there and perhaps a few prayers to to repel public criticism; but when they go home at night they are still empty. Under closer inspection their relationship is more “fashion” than “fine”. In their spirit their finger is definitely green.

The truth is that relationship with Jesus is costly. But it is far worth the investment. He seemed to think so.