Faith that pays rent

We all love to hear the stories of the insurmountable struggle and the few who place their faith in God and watched as that struggle was removed by the very hand of God. I like witnessing those stories even more and I even have a few of my own. There is a different story though. It’s a story where God shows up in the most unlikely of places and does something simple. It is this type of story that I have experienced more times than I can count. Let me explain.

April is our official launch for LifePoint. During this process we have had no financial backers. Almost all of the funds have come from our launch team. This was fine during the past three months when all we had was one service of expenses per month plus a few other monthly expenses. April changes everything. Our rent pretty much quadruples as well as a few other Sunday morning service expenses. We are in no way able to handle the expenses of this church and I love it. God has given us a mission and so we press on. At this point we have determined that we need $1,700.00 in three weeks or we might not be able to launch has planned. It is also important to note that we have had nothing but open doors through this whole process. Our relationship with the theatre management, the excitement of people that we talk to about the new church and various other events have made it clear that we were headed in the right direction. If only we didn’t have to pay the whole month’s rent all at once. We could probably make it work.

Two weeks ago the Director of Operations of all UEC movie theaters calls us out of the blue and says that if it would be more convenient we can simply pay weekly. Wait! Did he just say… Didn’t I just say… How did he… And another door flies open. Then just yesterday Jared White made a substantial contribution to our launch and someone else made a pledge to give a nice chunk tomorrow. When it’s all said and done, by the end of the day tomorrow, we are only $105.00 short of our goal. And I am pretty sure that is coming by the 1st as well. God just widened the door some more.

Things that I am learning through this experience…

  1. Faith that pays rent is just as awesome as faith that moves mountains.
  2. God not only opens doors, He builds them where they were not previously found.
  3. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean it’s wrong and just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it’s right.
  4. It’s not about what you have; it’s about how you use it.
  5. I should have set the goal higher.