Expectations – they’re better when they’re high.

“The quality of expectations determines the quality of our action.” – A. Godin

It is a known fact that we get what we expect. If you expect business as usual then open your eyes, that’s just what you’ve got. If you expect lives to be changed, look out.

The level of our success in fulfilling the mission that God has given us is directly related to the level of our expectations. Here are some simple questions to help you take inventory of your own expectations concerning Sunday mornings.

  • What does God want to do on Sunday mornings?
  • What do I expect to happen on Sunday mornings?
  • Why are my expectations different (lower or higher) from God’s desires?
  • Am I working to raise, meet or harm those expectations?
  • How do my expectations affect the expectations of others?

These are tough questions but wrestling with them could mean the difference between changed lives and business as usual. I invite you to share and discuss your answers.