Exercise Deprived

Another are in my life I need to start prioritizing is my physical body. That means I need to start exercising on a consistent basis. Up till now I have been a Monday & Tuesday gym goer. By Wednesday I get distracted by any number of other things that many times are really less important in the grand scheme of things. Tonight Kevin, Josh and I decided to play basketball for our exercise so we could enjoy the outside. I thought I would share some pics. They are from my phone so they aren’t that great but you get the point.

My man Josh with his mad ball handling skills. Kevin displaying his precision jump shot. That’s me doing what I do best…sitting. You can’t tell but I am about to pass out from just a couple games of 21.

Why is this so important? I feel that since my call to church leadership is so important that I should take care of myself so that I can do it for a very long time.