Everything isn’t “High Priority”

A look at priorities

Kevin has recently been talking about finding your niche. You can read it here and here. When speaking of niche you are usually referring to playing to your strengths but there is also another important element involved in finding your niche known as aligning your priorities.

It is not uncommon in church leadership for everything to become a priority so much so that nothing becomes a priority. It’s a lot like this post. Perhaps you noticed that the entire post is in “bold”. When trying to make something standout it has to be unique and set apart. When everything is bold then actually nothing is bold. Nothing stands out as special or more important.

The same is true in the church. When everything is equally important, everything becomes equally unimportant. Instead of doing a few things with excellence we do a bunch of stuff with little or no impact. It takes strong leadership to stop the senseless marking of everything as high priority and narrow it down to the irreducible minimums. When we do that the church can find laser focus which inevitably leads to explosive impact.

Ask yourself this, what could I accomplish if I actually defined what was most important in my life? I’d love to here your thoughts.

UPDATE: Mark Howell over at Strategy Central has some great thoughts and shared resources on this topic as well.