Everything is an experiment so feel free to try and quit

One of our core values is that everything is an experiment. The main reason is because we recognize that not everything works for everyone and we want room to change. We try to put this idea in everything we do. From the way we run our Sunday morning experiences to our volunteer positions. For instance we want our volunteers to be free to experiment with an area of service without feeling like they will be trapped there for the next 10 years. We have an easy in/easy out policy. Try out a position and if it doesn’t fit your skills, interests or calling then feel free to try something else. Just serve somewhere.

We are still working out how this all works but there definitely needs to be some guidelines for more performance based service positions such as the music team or the media team. If you are attending LifePoint, I just want to say feel free to experiment with what God is calling you to do and know that God will use you in some pretty awesome ways.