I really should have done this yesterday but I was just plain worn out. I am currently have a terrible time finding focus so I need to download some of the thing on my mind. They are in no particular order and some may not even seem like complete thoughts. Some are just ponderings but that doesn’t mean I would like some input. So here I go.

  • Saturday Keith and Marisa got married. It was a lot of fun. A fire broke out.
  • I was only going to do a small portion of the ceremony as Marisa’s pastor and Keith’s pastor was going to do the remainder. When I got there I was informed that the other pastor’s wife possibly had a small stroke and so I was needed to do the whole thing improve style. Keep his wife in prayer.
  • The ceremony didn’t start until 9 pm. Since it was our sound system being used I didn’t get to leave until about 11:15. Late Saturday nights are never a good idea when it pertains to me.
  • Sunday morning was interesting. There were a lot of people missing for one reason or another so it was a little slim in the seats.
  • Getting the word out about the church is hard when you have no money and no available time. Not impossible, just hard. It means being extra creative and extra sacrificial.
  • Google AdWords rocks! I’m surprised that I don’t see more new churches using it. It’s cheap…especially since more churches aren’t using it. I’ll post more about that later.
  • Our roadside sign is beginning to fall apart. We really need to come up with something else pretty soon.
  • Even my personal study time has become very utilitarian. I’ve started changing that just recently. I need to spend more time discovering and less time searching, if that makes since to anyone else.
  • Finances are tight right now. Keep them in prayer.
  • I’m ready to stop leading the music on Sunday mornings. It’s hard working outside your gifting.
  • My wife is awesome. I just thought I would mention that.
  • I don’t post nearly enough on this blog and my content is pretty bad at times. I guess I should work on that although it seems like most of are very forgiving.
  • There are some people who were a part of our initial launch team that I miss. You know who you are…;0)
  • God is control and that’s ok with me.