Don’t just develop your product

For those of us that sell WordPress plugins or themes it can be easy to get caught up solely in the development of our products. Add that new feature. Squash that one bug. Write that new documentation. Every hour of every day, jam packed with the next big item on our to do list.

The danger is that there is much more involved than just having a great product in the quest to succeed. Your business, just like your product, needs to be developed. It needs you to rethink your processes and adapt to your growth. If unattended it will become unruly and even worse, unprofitable.

For the WP Ninjas, 2013 was the alpha release of our business. 2014 has been our beta. I’m excited for us to finally reach version 1.0 of our business in the coming year. Our revenue and overall growth has been outstanding so far but we’re honestly still in the very early stages of what we will become.

When was the last time you evaluated your customer acquisition costs and process? How often do you stare at your numbers looking for trends? Do you know that the numbers you should be looking at can actually change during the life of your business?

Your product roadmap might be exciting but if you don’t give the same attention to the business around your product you may not have a product for very long.