Darkness Falls

I have taught, discussed and posted this in other ways before but due to this recent post on the MondayMorningInsight blog I thought I would post it here.

Have you ever seen the movie Darkness Falls? It’s about an evil tooth fairy of sorts who kills people. The catch is she can only do it when they are in the dark. In fact through out many scenes in the movie this tooth fairy with an attitude waits at the line where darkness and light meet waiting for just a moment for her victim to step foot into her domain. As long as they stay in the light they are safe.

This reminds me of the popular church phrase, “sin separates you from God”. While watching that movie God spoke something very simple and yet so profound to me that it changed the way I look at church. He said that He separates me from sin. Basically that the closer that I get to who God really is, the further I get into His light, the more sin is removed from me. It can’t really follow me there. It must draw back to that line where darkness and light meet. It’s still waiting but it can’t harm me if I stay in the light.

How does this pertain to the above mentioned blog post? As a communicator and a church we are to be a lighthouse to the world calling them out of the darkness. The power of the lighthouse is not because it reveals the darkness but that it dispels it. Nobody is led out of a dark room because someone pointed out how dark it is. “Hey, it’s so dark in here I can’t even see my hand in front of my face, is that the door?” It is the light that guides the way, not the darkness. Many times I think we use the darkness to do the lights job.

The saddest part is that many of those who agree with that letter are probably more upset that I used a horror movie to introduce my point than the fact that many of them have never led anyone to Christ. That’s just my two cents.