Core Value: Expect the Unexpected

Its amazing to me how our expectations more times than not determine our success. This isn’t any positive attitude mumbo jumbo, although a positive attitude would do most people a lot of good, its about preparation. Perhaps you have heard the saying, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” Its not just a catchy phrase, its a fact that will determine whether you get by or whether you far surpass your stated goal.To expect the unexpected is simply to anticipate the need before it arrives. When things get really bad it is usually a good sign that somebody wasn’t looking ahead. Here are some terms you might be familiar with; unplanned pregnancy, unexpected expenses and unforeseen events. We get so caught up in the moment that the future is out of focus. When we forget the destination and goal and find ourselves focusing on the immediate and the now it is an invitation for disaster. Everything is unexpected when you’re not looking for it.

So what do you do? Determine your goal or define what success would be for your particular situation and then remove the obstacles. Sit down and write it out. Write down your goal and then all around that goal write down the obstacles. Take your time with this, some obstacles are not as visible as others but you will find them if you search deep enough. Once you have your obstacles create a plan to overcome them. These are not just what to do to not get distracted but in many cases they are the very process you can follow right to you goal.

I would offer a word of caution. You have to make sure that you goals are the right goals and that your obstacles are the right obstacles. Financial security may or may not be the right goal but family is never an obstacle. Just be careful you are overcoming the right things.