Considering Small Groups

Well, not actually considering. In fact I am already sold on the idea of small groups. I believe very strongly that true spiritual growth comes from life experiences with people. I believe in small groups because I believe we never truly open up to a large group of people but we may in a small safe environment. Small groups are a great place to be vulnerable, open and raw. It’s also the place where you learn that you aren’t the only one struggling and gain perspective and empathy.

So that is all the stuff I do know. What I don’t know is if there is one right or wrong way to develop a small group structure. I don’t know if small groups should be study based, mission based or fellowship based. I don’t know is they should specialize in one or dabble in all three. I don’t know if we should insist on specified curriculum, let each group make it up as they go, or a combination of both.

So that is what I don’t know. Here is what I pray. I pray that everybody who considers LifePoint their home will get involved in a small group. I pray that they will establish relationships that will comfort them through hard times and challenge them to live the life Christ is calling them to. I pray that these groups will not become the destination but a launching pad for a greater walk with God. I pray I don’t screw them up.

Over the next week or so I will be sporadically posting on my thoughts and decisions concerning the future of small groups at LifePoint. Fell free to share your thoughts.