Church Management Software

We have officially started the development process. Kevin and I have played around with the idea of developing a web based church management solution for a couple years now but have never been able to really get started due to other responsibilities. The only reason we have really been able to start now is the addition of another programmer. We call him Bruce. (If you didn’t even chuckle a little bit at that then there is no hope for you.)

I know what everyone is thinking. There are already a ton of great church management solutions. You are right there are but almost all of them cost an arm and a leg and many times only fit a certain ministry philosophy. We wanted to develop something that “really” was fully customizable and didn’t require a huge monthly subscription to maintain. Our purpose is to develop for the little guys. The churches that are just starting and can’t afford some of the other great solutions but don’t want to sacrifice the functionality.

Here are a few things that we would like to see. Some of these items might be add-ons but they give you an idea of how in depth we would like to go.

  • The obvious people database with all the trimmings such as household members, offering/attendance records, etc.
  • Event & experience database for tracking attendance and other important church statistics.
  • Small Group/Sunday School database. The ability to track an unlimited number of groups, leaders and participants.
  • Ministry teams database. Whether you have 3 or 300 it is important to know what teams are active and who is leading and participating on them.
  • Sunday Morning Production tools. The ability to plan and authorize others to view cue sheets, stage layouts, chords sheets, listen to the music scheduled for that service and anything else you could hopefully need for the planning process.

These are just a few of the things we have been thinking about. What would be included in your perfect church management solution? We would love to have your input. We will keep you updated on the progress right here.