Changes to

I wanted to make sure that all of my subscribers were aware of some of the changes I have made in my online existence. It seems that the more stuff I have online the less I update any of them. In an effort to simplify my online identity an give myself a little more focus I have made the changes listed below.

Twitter – Twitter will now be my main mode of regular online communication.  It’s a challenge to say if I can say all that I need to in a 140 characters or less. I will use twitter to post my deep thoughts, everyday activities and of course the occasional picture.

Twitter updates will be fed to my blog’s front page as well as to my status updates on Facebook. To subscribe to my twitter feed click here. – I have made a few significant changes and there are many more to come. One big change is that there are no longer full posts on the main page. The main page will link to archives and my most recent blog posts. The page will mostly be devoted to my most recent updates through twitter.

I will still be writing regular blog posts but not nearly as frequent as I once aspired to. Thes recent articles will be listed in the left sidebar. If you are already subscribed to you will get these posts just like you always have. If you would like to subscribe to receive these blog posts you can do so by clicking here.

Facebook – I haven’t been on Facebook very much in the past year or so but I have decided to ressurect my profile and start using it once again. The truth is, however, I don’t have the time to update all of thes online services. That is why I am on the journey of integrating all of these services so that when one is updated…they all are updated.

The current situation:

My twitter account is tied to my blog and my Facebook account. When I update twitter it gets sent to the front page of my blog as well as updates my status on Facebook.

My blog is tied to my twitter and Facebook accounts. When I write a blog post it is sent through twitter which also updates in my status on Facebook. Also Facebook imports my blog posts as notes.

I have yet to get actions that I do on Facebook to get sent to the blog or twitter but be sure that is one the list.

Anyway, that is how things have changed thus far but be on the look out for many more changes to come.