Catalyst One Day

I am still sick but today is still a great day. Tonight I head down to Alpharetta, GA with Kevin Stover, Jeremy Moore and Jason Dooley to partake in the Catalyst One Day event. This should be a lot of fun for many reasons but I thought I would give a quick list of pre-event highlights.

  • A great time of Pause with some great friends. All three of these guys are extremely good friends. They are also extremely different in personality and interests. This makes for a great team dynamic and a lot of different creative ideas. Good times.
  • Listening to my two favorite communicators. There is nonone who I enjoy listening to like Andy Stanley and Craig Groeschel. These two communicators have done more individualy to help me find my own communicators voice than anyone else combined. I love and respect both of these guys and am honored at every opportunity that I get to hear them.
  • Brainstorming. After the Cataylst conference in October, Kevin, Jeremy and I had a great meal and brainstorming session. In fact we planned out the next two months of awesome missional activity during that session. I am really looking forward to what comes from this session.

Theres it is. My three pre-event highlights. I’ll let you know how they were when I get back.