Called, ordained or spiritually challenged? Part 2

In my last post we covered the calling and ordination issues but I forgot to mention the spiritually challenged part. I am asked all the time, “Do I need to go to Bible College to be a pastor or start a church?� My answer is no but my advice is yes.

The truth is Bible College is not a prerequisite to pastoral ministry. Here is what you need to know. It is much harder with out the educational background. This is mostly because you will learn to handle all areas of scripture more responsibly. Another reason is it is easier to win the trust of other Christians and perhaps ministers who would not partner with you otherwise. If you are one of those Christians or ministers, shame on you. For the above reasons, the first mostly, I strongly encourage attending a good Bible College.

On the flip side and in my experience, if you are trying to reach an “un-churched� population, they will most likely never even ask or care about whether or not you went to seminary. Not to mention the fact that seminary teaches no information of any real value concerning launching a church, leadership and other very important issues to any church planter. I must say that the last sentence does not come from my own experience but experience of many other pastors. Of course if you follow my advice in the last paragraph you can make that observation on your own.

What it all really comes down to is that God uses different people to reach different people. Just look at the ministries of Peter vs. Paul. Peter was in no way a highly educated individual but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit his first real message we ever read converted 3000 people. Paul on the other hand was about as educated as you could get in his time and God used him to convert small groups of people and set them in motion to build Christ’s church. I think I would have done it the other way around. But I guess God knows what He is doing. Once you have your answer from the first post then decide what path God wants you to take. One is longer but easier. The other is just plain hard. Just remember that whatever God says He’ll do…He’ll do.