#CaboPress, a transformative experience

Leading up to CaboPress I felt increasingly guilty… I mean… Cabo. For a “conference”!

I received similar responses from everyone I told, a healthy dose of skepticism and an eye roll were normal, and by the time we got to the airport I wasn’t sure if we’d made the right decision…

Turns out, it may have been the best conference. EVER.

What is CaboPress?

For those of you who don’t know, CaboPress is an annual mastermind conference organized by Chris Lema. Although I’m not sure conference is the right word: it’s more of an engineered brainstorm of some of the best minds in our industry. There are no presentations or keynotes, just small groups of business owners discussing various topics under the guidance of a brilliant host. In addition to Chris Lema, the other hosts included Cory Miller of iThemes, Jason Cohen of WP Engine, Syed Balkhi of more things than I can fit here, Karim Marucchi of Crowd Favorite, and Steve Zenhgut of Zeek Interactive.

The scheduled sessions weren’t the only place where wisdom was being dispersed. We were divided into different groups for breakfast and lunch where conversations with peer businesses could go even deeper. Large group dinners and various side conversations were also the norm.

CaboPress Business+

Remember the guilt I mentioned earlier? While CaboPress is a business gathering on steroids, it is also a pretty fantastic vacation. Plenty of time to relax and soak up the sun and enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. I might have received just as much from the vacation experience as I did from the terrific business dialog.


In the coming weeks and months you’ll continue to see WP Ninjas and Ninja Forms evolve and improve. This is something we strive to do continually, but what you may notice is there’s a renewed excitement and urgency to our efforts. This is due at least in some measure to the time and connections we had in Cabo.

Here are a few we can share right now…

Ninja Forms 3.0

In the beginning of September we started a sprint to rewrite Ninja Forms completely. We just finished a UI/UX project with the brilliant team at FocusLab and are now putting that vision into development. Along with the new UI are huge improvements under the hood that will make Ninja Forms a WordPress forms building plugin without comparison.

While at CaboPress I had the chance to show off just a small portion of these changes and the response was extremely positive. I won’t share exactly what was said, but it definitely confirmed that we are building something special and we’re more excited now than ever.

Better Ninja Forms User Segmentation

I don’t want to get all business speak on you, but we have started working on doing a better job of understanding the different types of users we have so that we can provide the best experience for everyone while also making the business more profitable.

One of the big takeaways from CaboPress was that we can do more in our effort to double down with our new Ninja Forms Pro Membership, plan that targets agencies and freelance web shops specifically. This comes in the form of adding additional value to membership with items such as priority support, live call support, exclusive content, and much more. Normalizing prices for our add-ons and providing the best experience possible for those customers is also on the list. We’re also working on making these value propositions clearer.

So Much More

If I kept going this post would be a mile long with all the actionable ideas that were birthed at CaboPress. The reality is that I can’t share all of them with the world just yet. What I can say is that I’m super grateful for Chris Lema putting this together and allowing my business to participate. His generosity and wisdom were on display throughout the event. I also owe a huge thank you to all of the hosts who took the time to guide the conversations in such a way that I could walk away more empowered than I arrived. I hope to one day soon be able to pay this all forward.

One last thing, you should absolutely apply for the next CaboPress. Just not too many of you because I don’t need anyone taking my spot! 🙂