British William Shatner…stop reading my bible!

At least while being recorded. It seems that every time I listen to the bible the person always has an English accent and always tries to add some dramatic flare. In the end it just sounds silly. It is as if we want the Bible to sound old so we need an old world sounding accent. That’s fine for the KJV but not the ESV. The ESV is supposed to be a modern rendering of an ancient text so it should sound modern when read…at least in my opinion.

In checking the many tools at my disposal for our one year bible exploration I clicked on the reference of Genesis 1 in my post sharing this weeks reading schedule. One the next page there is a link that says listen. Go ahead and click it and enjoy.

My favorite is verse 26. The reader states the passage like it is some kind of epiphany some where on the level of, “This would taste even better if we added garlic.” It made me laugh. I hope you find as much enjoyment from it as I did.